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Eleuthera  is one of the major Islands in the Bahamas archipelago of islands.  It is  approximately 110 miles long and 1 mile  wide.   It is the longest Island in the Bahamas and  is also referred to as,

the Island of Freedom.   


The settlements on Eleuthera are predominately found on the South Side which is the part of the island facing the green Caribbean sea. 

The North Side of the island faces the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and  has long stretches of  pink soft  sand beaches shaded by tall pine trees and in some sections of the island rocky cliffs.


The main settlement of the island is called Governors Harbour and it is one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas. One of the islands three airports   is located just north of Governors Harbour – GHB  Governors Harbour Airport.  It is also home to the Haynes Library which opened its doors in November 1897 by Governor Haynes- Smith. Governors Harbour is the Administrative and Local Government seat for the Central Eleuthera District.  

Several days during the week ferry boats and freight boats dock at the historic Cupids Cay which faces main land Governors Harbour across a beautiful cove. This cove is used by many  visitors  sailing in from other places.

Rock Sound Eleuthera is in South Eleuthera and has another of the Islands Airports – RSD – Rock Sound Eleuthera Airport.  This is also the Administrative and Local Government seat for the South part of the island. It is the home of the Rock Sound Blue Hole – called the Ocean Hole. Other sites to see in this area are the Spider Cave and also the Boiling Hole.

ELH – North Eleuthera Airport  is the smallest and  busiest airport on the Island  It is close to Historic Harbour Island-  which is known for Pink Sand beaches and also near the world famous Glass Window Bridge.  If you don’t get to go in the North Eleuthera area, its okay several of  the beaches on the North of the island also have pink sands. And if you missed Harbour Island you must  schedule another trip to see it!

Welcome to Eleuthera,  the food, the sights, the beaches, the sounds, the people are here waiting for you to discover, Freedom.  Rent your Eleuthera Car Rental with Central Auto Rentals, we value our clients and  look forward to enhancing your car rental experience while on Eleuthera.

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