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Car Rental Eleuthera Bahamas
Eleuthera Car Rentals


A Few Local Facts

 Was named in 1648 by the Eleutheran Adventurers, who  were the first European settlers.


The  Greek  word  " Eleuthero "   translates   to 'Freedom or  free.'  And natives sometimes refer  to the island as the Island of  Freedom.


The  Island is about 110 miles long and is also known for its Pink Sand Beaches  and world famous Pineapples.



A Few Sites of Interest

Rentals on Eleuthera Island
Eleuthera Bahamas Weddings

North Side - Atlantic Ocean Side of the Island

Current - Home Electricity (When not  refering to the settlement.)

AC - Air Conditioning

Main Land Eleuthera  Is usually broken down into 3 sections - North , Central and South Eleuthera.

Harbour Island is also called Briland.

Palmetto Point aka Point

Governors Harbour  aka  The Harbour

James Cistern aka J.C.

Savannah Sound aka Sound

Flights to Eleuthera Bahamas

Getting Here

Central Auto Rentals  is located in Central Eleuthera. We also deliver cars to North and South Eleuthera airports.

Airports on Eleuthera.

North Eleuthera Airport - ELH      

Governors Harbour Airport - GHB

Rock Sound Airport - RSD

In addition to private airlines the following  airlines fly here:

Delta Airlines   ELH

Silver Airlines  ELH, GHB

Bahamas air    ELH, GHB, RSD

Southern air    ELH, GHB, RSD  

Pineapple air   ELH, GHB, RSD

Flamingo air   ELH, GHB, RSD


Ship Ports on Eleuthera.

Spanish Wells

Harbour Island


Hatchet Bay

Governors Harbour

Rock Sound

The most common means of getting here by sea, when not in a private yacht is by  the company

Bahamas Fast Ferries.

Eleuthera  auto rentals

Glass Window Bridge - Located in North Eleuthera

Preachers Cave - Located in North Eleuthera

Ocean Hole - Located in Rock Sound Eleuthera



Oceanview Farms Horse Riding Stables - Located south of Pineapple Fields Resort


Horse & Pony back Riding, Field Trips Gift Shop





Edwin's Turtle Lake Marine Reserve-

Located 2.5  miles south of Governor's Harbour.


Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Fish & Turtle Viewing.


Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Tues - Sat)






                     My Favorite Beaches

- Savannah Sound Park Beach - Near Savannah Sound Primary School

Receivers Beach-  Near Governors Harbour  Airport. South side of the island down from Coco Di Mama

South  Palmetto Point -  Beach on the  South Side of the Island

-Poponi Beach , before Unique Village  on   the   North  Side of the Island




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