Keep Eleuthera Safe, Stop COVID-19

Message From Central Auto Rentals

2020 has been an unexpected year full  of surprises and challenges. COVID-19 has entered our consciousness and  as a result, changed the way we, as human beings interact with within our communities, our work places, our homes. 

As of June 7th, 2020 the Island of Eleuthera has not had any  confirmed or suspected cases of  Covid-19.


This is  due to  strict measures placed on travel to Family Islands within the Bahamas in March of this year as well stay at home orders, mask requirements, hand washing and sanitation regulations.

Eleuthera, Bahamas is a main island in one of several hundred islands and cays  in The Bahamas. The community is close knit and consist of  young and elderly  persons. We have watched and mourned with our brothers and sisters around  the world who we have met and  fostered relationships with as they have suffered the loss of loved ones for which I am truly sorry.

In July 2020, The Government of The Bahamas is continuing its phased reopening  of the country and at that time  intends to allow international travel freely within our borders.

At Central Auto Rentals,  we will continue to  use  the advised cleaning and sanitation, social distancing and  mask wearing protocols  in relation to our clients. 


Your safety is important to us.   


If you have any questions regarding travel to  Eleuthera, Bahamas during this time, please contact me at  and I will  answer you.

Be wise in your travels.

Mona Nixon

Owner, Central Auto Rentals

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